Want to invest in real estate, but not sure where to start?
We'll give you our exact proven methods for buying your first property and/or scaling your portfolio of properties...even if you have no money to invest, little spare time, no credit, and no experience.

Hi, I’m David B Hughes, co-founder of Simplified Investing. Over the past 12 years, I’ve purchased 30 properties valued at over $4 million dollars, all on a part-time basis. I purchased most of these properties with no money out of my pocket. Every one of these properties have been extremely profitable and my wife and I have been receiving a strong monthly income for years, providing us the ability to live life on our own terms. Needless to say, this has changed my life...and it can change yours, too!

These are some of the properties I've purchased over the past 12 years on a part-time basis.
You get to leverage everything we've learned through the years to accelerate your life from where you're at to where you want to be!
We have a Private Group Coaching Program that can help you achieve all of your dreams and beyond, like it has for us and so many others!

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Here’s what a few of our students have to say about our program...
"Simplified Investing helped me get three deals within my first 10 months in the program! The crazy thing is, I was able to get all of them with no money out of pocket! My wife and I were able to acquire a rental that is bringing in $500 per month profit and a fix-and-flip house that is going to bring us about $15,000 profit after rehab. Last week, we were also able to get 12 units under contract which will bring us about $50,000+ in profit. This program works - just get in and experience life-change!"

Michael Tucker

Liberty, KY
"David was an answer to my prayer."
"I had no prior experience with real estate investing. David was an answer to my prayer. His knowledge has been invaluable to me on my investment journey. When I was ready to make my first investment purchase, David's advice was timely and insightful, giving me the confidence I needed to be an investor. As a result, my first investment was a multifamily unit. The cash flow is great. David gives practical knowledge based upon proven practices. I am honored to work with him."

Gary Ellis

Executive Pastor
Clarksville, TN
"I wish I would have done this ten years ago."
“I have wanted to get involved in real estate investing for the past ten years or so. I had no prior experience in it before finding David’s coaching program. What held me back from taking the first step for so long was not knowing where to start or what to do, and just the busyness of life. I started David’s coaching program in February and was able to purchase my first property in mid-March. So that was super exciting! The value of having a coach was very significant. It’s kind of scary, so having somebody there to keep me level-headed and give me advice through the process was great. He helped me tremendously. What I learned is that I thought it was really scary in the beginning, but it wasn’t that scary, it was really simple. I wish I would have done this ten years ago, and I didn’t want to look back in another five or ten years regretting that I never took the first step. I have a full time job and two kids. I love my job, but I want to retire early. I can see that this is the way for me to do that. My goal is to have more freedom, and not be tied to the day-in, day-out grind. David is great. His coaching is so beneficial. He is a very patient, kind, and knowledgeable person. When you find someone like that, it’s priceless to be able to leverage their expertise. I don’t think that I would have ever been able to do what I did without that, so I am very thankful to him and his coaching.”

Courtney Price

Garment Industry
Bowling Green, KY
"You couldn't ask for a better person to work with."
"Once I got together with David, it took about six months of looking and putting in offers to find that right property to meet all the criteria I was looking for. On the front end of my first deal, I'll probably pull out about $12,000 tax-free upfront cash (from the equity), and then should have a very nice positive cash flow and a short mortgage payoff period.

This deal has meant additional income for me to pay down debts and help further me along to becoming debt free. It has helped me grow as a person, just to know that I can do it. I have 100% confidence in it now knowing that yes, you will have hiccups, but there's nothing you can't get through with the right guidance and coaching. It makes it very easy. It definitely takes out a lot of the overthinking. David is a standup guy; you couldn't ask for a better person to work with."

Ferdi Marlow

Sales Professional
Elizabethtown, KY
"David played an integral part in our success."
"In the early days of our business formation, we consulted with David often. One suggestion alone allowed us to find the money we needed to kickstart our coffee shop. It was so easy, yet we had never considered an option would be available with so little effort. We are about to open 3 more businesses and we can say with certainty that David played an integral part in our success. David’s love for helping people shows the minute you speak with him. I guarantee you will walk away from every interaction with him loaded with ideas you cannot wait to implement."

Serena Erizer

Business Owner
Elizabethtown, KY
If you’re ready to learn everything you can about real estate investing, We're ready to teach you!
If you’ve ever been interested in real estate but aren't sure where to start, don’t think you have enough money or time, or you don’t believe you have the knowledge or experience…

Don’t worry. we've got your back and we'll show you exactly how to land your first (or next) deal!
Here are some of the things you will learn from us:
  • The exact strategies we've used to acquire over $3 million worth of properties on a part-time basis.
  • Where to find the greatest real estate deals at the deepest discounts.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of first-time investors.
  • How to pull cash out of your property, tax-free.
  • Where to find an agent that will work FOR you.
  • How to assess each property for the highest potential profit and cash flow.
  • Where to get funding, even if you have no money to invest.
  • Which price points and parameters to look for in each deal.
  • How to make an offer that positions you to make the most profit.
  • How to get the best deals on remodels.
  • How to rent out your property the right way.
  • How to maximize your monthly cash flow 

    ...and much more!
If you want to learn everything you need to get your first (or next) property, now’s your chance!

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"If you are serious about getting into real estate investing and want to learn exactly how to do it David Hughes is your guy!"
"I had just learned a little from my father about investing in real estate but no classes or experience personally. However, I was in the process of buying and selling my first renovation. David’s coaching helped me really understand the ins and outs of behind renovations. What to buy, when to buy, how to make the most money on the purchasing end, and other great tips like that. David actually helped me through finding a real estate agent and how to look for a house. It didn’t take long to find a house; only a month or two! The house I ended up buying was in Sarasota, Florida. I bought it for a price of $230,000 with about $60,000 in renovation costs — which would bring my all -in amount to $290,000. I then sold that same house for $350,000, bringing in a profit of about $60,000 dollars."

Josh Davis

Marketing Professional
Sarasota, FL
"This knowledge is literally priceless."
“I had no prior experience in real estate investing. I always had an interest in it, but I never knew anyone who was success that had the time to teach me. When I heard about David’s coaching, I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first. My wife, Jordan, is the one who convinced me to do it. I took a leap of faith and I really enjoyed it! After the first coaching we had I was hooked! He’s just so down to earth. He speaks to you in a way you can understand it. I have learned an invaluable amount of knowledge. When you’re jumping into something new, it can be scary without knowing everything you need to know. If you don’t take the first step, then what’s the point of even wanting it? It’s insane how many mistakes I could have fallen for if I would have went about it on my own without David’s help. I feel like he goes out of his way to help you out. You don’t realize it now, but this knowledge is literally priceless. To anyone who is considering investing in David’s real estate programs, I say go for it!”

Rafael Ortiz

Restaurant Owner
Indianapolis, IN

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